The Stump Jump D'Arenberg Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre


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“The name ‘Stump Jump’ doesn’t relate to the English game of cricket (jumping over the stumps at the end of the game), nor the breeding of livestock held in the stumps but relates to the significant South Australian invention – the Stump Jump plough. The plough soon became a worldwide implement for ploughing fields because of its ability to ride over stumps and gnarled Eucalyptus roots and snags, saving valuable time and energy by not stopping the draught horse.

The nose is full of ripe and juicy red fruits and fresh plums mixed with dark cherry, rhubarb and cardamom. The palate is approachable with juicy fresh red berries, mulberry and a hint of pomegranate. Underlying the generous fruit is a more subtle layer of plum stone, star anise and cinnamon which adds complexity and interest. The soft powdery tannins provide a gentle finish.  Brilliant Australian blending!

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