Pasqua 11 Minutes


Wine Works Delivers
Rose Wine

Made from Corvina 50%, Trebbiano di Lugana 25%, Syrah 15% and Carmenère 10%.

The name 11 MINUTES refers to the duration of the skin contact. The grapes are pressed very slowly to enhance a soft, subtle style. Corvina was chosen for its floral aroma and acidity. Trebbiano brings elegance and a long aftertaste. Syrah gives fine fruit and spice notes and finally, Carmenère creates structure, ensuring stability over time.

This is an uber deluxe aperitif + great with salad, fish and white meat dishes.

 Check out the classic ‘Odi et Amo’ reference on the label – from the poem by Catullus to his lover Lesbia. ‘I hate and I love’.

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