Muga Reserva Rioja


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Red Wine

‘Muga is arguably the most traditional bodega in Rioja. It's based next to the old railway station - the heart of old Haro, and there's not a stainless-steel tank in sight. They even have their own cooper on site to give their barrels the perfect amount of toasting. Unsurprisingly, this Reserva is a real classic. It's a master-class in oak ageing, spending thirty-six months in oak before further ageing in bottle. The oak gives it a really fantastic structure. Combined with supple, ripe tannins, it'll easily last for a decade - but we defy you not to uncork it now. Its flavours are richly complex. Think blackberry, vanilla, coffee and a hint of spice. It's smooth. It's mellow. It's delicious with rack of lamb.’

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