Flying Solo Grenache Blanc Viognier


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White Wine

‘We celebrate the pioneering aviators of the famous "Aeropostale" who risked all to deliver the first mail from France to Barcelona in 1918 then North Africa, and eventually even South America.
These intrepid pilots flew solo from Toulouse, Domaine Gayda is "Flying Solo" to deliver you our wines of exceptional quality and value from this enterprising region of France.

An aromatic, fruit driven wine with citrus notes on the nose. A rich palate, round and fruity, offering a distinct freshness and vibrancy.

"A fresh, easy-sipping white, with peach, pineapple and apple fruit, focused by lively energy through the mineral, spice and heather notes on the finish."
88 points.
(Wine Spectator Magazine, February 2020)

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