Copeland Smugglers Reserve Over-Proof


Wine Works Delivers

“Copeland Over-Proof Rum is inspired by the events of 14 August 1815, when the brig ‘Andrew Savage’, originally from Portaferry, landed home with fine rum from Belfast Bay in Antigua.

It could be seen for days ahead of its landing with the newspaper reporting that it expected most of the cargo to safely land in Donaghadee’s coves and tunnels along the coastline for lucky folks to enjoy.

A sophisticated rum that relies on a double pot distillation over 10-14 days, Copeland’s Overproof Rum is bottled at 57.2% and boasts pleasantly familiar aromas such as corner shop ice-cream and candied orange. The drinker will enjoy a smooth and velvet-like experience of spiced honey, vanilla and dried fruit. A limited edition offering, with only 600 individually-numbered bottles available.”

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