Chateau Bauduc Bordeaux Superieur


Wine Works Delivers
Red Wine

(House Red at Hotel du Vin)

‘2017 was the year of the late Spring frost and we had to be pretty selective about the final blend for this. Bottled in the summer of 2019, it has proved to be way better than we originally thought. Medium bodied with good balance and with a fresh, fruity side, we've become pretty fond of it for our go-to, easy drinking red. We have also used Diam corks for the first time as they eliminate the risk of whiffy cork taint.’

The back label: 'This is a classic Bordeaux blend of three quarters Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium to full bodied and partially aged in oak, it’s easy, fruity and supple enough to drink quite young. Serve with good food.' 13.5% vol.

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