Borgo Magredo Prosecco


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Prosecco is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine: light, refreshingly effervescent and well-priced.  Borgo Magredo Prosecco is made with 100% estate-owned glera grapes sourced from within the DOC area. Unlike champagne that acquires its effervescence through costly fermentation in bottle, Prosecco is made in pressurized tanks: this process not only keeps  costs down but also helps keep flavours fresh and lively, creamy and balanced with a delicate combination of acidity and fruit.

Prosecco styles vary based on the amount of residual sugar and can range from brut (dry) to extra dry (which counter-intuitively means a little bit sweet). While this is by no means a sweet wine, that light touch of sweetness makes Borgo Magredo Prosecco Extra Dry especially pleasant to the taste, initially cool and soft on the palate with fine bubbles, then giving way to fruity traces of peach and pear flowers.

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